The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

We all know that after a long hard days work, the time comes where we want to beach ourselves on the sofa, pour a glass of wine and tuck into a few cubes of chocolate. Now many people are under the assumption that chocolate is bad for you, or that it is their 'guilty pleasure'. So it is my job, in this first blog, to discuss the positive aspects of eating chocolate so that when the time comes and your munching away, you feel less 'guilty'.

I will keep this short as no doubt you'll be dashing to the shops to get your hands on a Vincentian Chocolate bar. So here we go...

1) Consumption of Cocoa has been shown to actually decrease cholesterol levels and potentially lowering the risk of Cardiovascular disease. 

2) Much like the previous point, chocolate consumption helps the heart and increases circulation by preventing the white blood cells form sticking to the walls by reducing the risk of clogged up arteries. This means that the risk of getting a stroke is made far less likely.

3) It is very good for your skin. With all the natural flavonols in cocoa it actually acts as protection against the sun. Everyone nowadays is obsessed with trying to to looker younger, so this is your perfect ingredient. The cocoa butter smooths out your skin and gives it a glow. (please still put suncream on though!)

4) The flavonols act as a disease fighting machine. The reason is because they contain a huge amount of antioxidants which is also found in red wine and fruit & veg.

5) Chocolate can make you eat less - there have been many tests giving participants some chocolate a few hours before the meal. In one example the ingestion of dark chocolate was correlated with 17% lower calorie intake at the next meal.

6) Chocolate makes you live longer. Havard researchers found that eating chocolate actually adds two years to your life expectancy. I mean if there is no other reason to eat chocolate surely this is enough!

7) Finally - it increases your libido. Yep you heard me. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid that is very similar to caffeine. It also contains a chemical called phenylethylamine which is believed to produce the feeling of being 'in love'.

One final point and it is quite an important one. When eating chocolate, eat it in moderation and choose the bars with the highest cocoa content e.g. 72%. Don't think that eating 4 bars a day is going to do you any good!

Thats it from us, now settle down and enjoy a few cubes of chocolate.

Happy eating!