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Whilst our main business is and will always be farming, with a view to exporting high-grade cocoa to overseas markets, we also appreciate that for the industry to thrive on such a small island, all citizens should be stakeholders and feel part of the success.

For this reason, and to improve awareness of the cocoa industry in general, SVCC formed the St Vincent Chocolate Company in 2016 with a view to manufacturing and selling chocolate in the country.

A small factory was established, with staff hired and trained in the U.S. and Trinidad. The aim is to make the best and purest chocolate possible from cocoa grown only in St Vincent and for sale within the region.

After the huge success of the 72% Dark Vincentian Chocolate, the company launched the Vincentian Milk bar which was a huge success. Selling 8000 bars in a month, the company has been overwhelmed by the response. For more information, photos and where you can buy Vincentian Chocolate, visit the website at www.vincentianchocolate.com

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We are now also making chocolate for our associate chocolate company based in the UK, Islands Chocolate.

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For all chocolate enquiries please email: sales@svgcocoa.com